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Parrilla: “No Internet”

The words of Cuban chancellor, Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, during the workshop “Alternative Media and Social Networks” don’t leave any room for doubt.  The decision continues to be the same – it has been taken at the highest level and is definitive: there will not be any Internet for the Cuban people as long as the paleolithic/octogenarian mentality that rules this country persists.  Despite the ambiguity of the words of this spokesman, it can be inferred that the same old anachronistic message, permeated with carefully weighted phrases, is being transmitted.   I am certain that the government is quite inflexible on this point.

In Cuba, you have to be brave to say, without blushing, that the country supports the massive social use of the Internet; or to say “… it is essential that rebellious movements are able to express themselves in cyberspace …” when we’re talking about a government that excludes its people from that right; or to speak of “… the right to free access to knowledge, in the face of information control; or to admit that “… one cannot conceive of an education in Cuba without access to technology and without equality of opportunity …” knowing that in this country, to buy the most basic PC is an impossible dream for a teacher who earns the equivalent of $20.00 USD per month, never mind the majority of his students.

When Señor Parrilla avows that “…. lower costs put technology within reach of the people …” maybe he’s thinking about people like him, ministers with salaries and perks, whose sophisticated PC’s – and those of his children – connected in a civilized fashion to the Internet, were given to him for free or sold at bargain prices or brought back from one of his frequent visits to capitalist countries – those places that propagate “… global disorder … cultural aggression and banality … that treat us like mere consumers …” but sell at such cheap prices.

Despite his chameleon-like language, the underlying message slipped out in an almost subliminal way when he remembered the role played by technology in the Libyan situation, which explains the real reasons for his speech.  We must conclude that we are being deprived of Internet access because of their disproportionate fear of a popular uprising not subject to their control.  These gentlemen underestimate something crucial at this time of establishing a “strategic cyberspace policy”: that the truth is the only essential premise, that solid truth supported by concrete facts speaks for itself and arrives in other parts of the world without the need for changes or the stain of censorship arising from different agendas.  The truth is laid bare once again.  Those who have much to hide are terrified by the confrontation.  However, those backwardsauruses know themselves to be more and more out of touch.  Inevitably, with every day that goes by, they will become that much more transparent and alone in their folly.

Translated by: jCS

December 9 2011


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