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Hunger Strike, Day 21. Blog 2.

Today it has been three weeks since the beginning of my hunger strike. The distinctive sign these days has been the absolute silence maintained by the Cuban government authorities and by the officials of the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP). Absolutely no one, of any government institution or of MINSAP, has made any public pronouncement nor have they approached me to date, or concerned themselves about my case, nor about the hunger strike, nor even, humanely, asked about they state of my health.

None of this surprises me at all, in fact I did not expect some other conduct from institutions and officials who ignored us for five years because, in fact, it was precisely that silence and institutional indolence which brought me here. More than 70 documents submitted in person at the headquarters of the central agencies of government policies and, left without answers one after another for five years, prove it. All this explains why I finally opted for the hunger strike as a last resort to vindicate our usurped rights.

Every day, all week, I have received calls from radio stations in several countries who continue to be interested in the course of the strike and who spread the truth about this case. On the evening of Saturday 24 received a visit from Emiliano Bos, Italian journalist accredited to Havana on the occasion of the visit of Pope Benedict XVI, to whom I gave an interview for the Swiss station RSI, which is heard in much of Europe.

On Friday, March 23, at 5:00 pm, I was left empty-handed by ARTV News, the Educational Channel, waiting in vain for the transmission of the interview I granted to the provincial channel on Monday March 19 which they assured me would be transmitted. This is evidence that censorship always prevails, they do not have the courage to publish a truth like this and it was all a trick to be used at their own time of decontextualizing everything, they don’t know how to do anything else.

Although my health is stable, and I try to sleep well and stay hydrated by drinking water frequently and rehydration salts, I am beginning to feel more and more the rigor of fasting and the fatigue accumulated after three weeks. I am already feeling a growing, significant and continuous decline and have already lost, until now, about 24 pounds (I started on March 5th at 154 pounds).

I announced yesterday by Tweeter and affirm here that, given the silence maintained by the Minister, on Tuesday March 27 at 9:30 am I will present myself at the headquarters of the Ministry of Public Health to personally solicit a response. I also affirm my intention to attend, along with Catholic parishioners from Guanajay, the Mass that Pope Benedict XVI will officiate at in Revolution Square on Wednesday 28 March.

Every day that the Cuban authorities and the Ministry of Health decided to continue this fictive silence, it will only sink them more and more in the mud. When they summon up the courage to break the silence only two alternatives will be presented to them: either recognize with humility that everything was a mistake from the beginning and proceed to allow us to practice our profession and reinstate me in my Internal Medicine Residency — something I recognize is remote but it would be possible even for them, the only successful and intelligent outcome –or decide to persist in that untenable lie planted since 2006.

In the second case, it would be prudent for them to count on one more death on their record and to prepare with great care the speech to explain to the world how this young communist militant from 2006, who did nothing other than study medicine and exercise it with love, with no criminal record — nor even prior administrative sanctions — who then wanted to take on one of the most difficult specialties, so comprehensive, which he was not allowed to, ended up as this execrable being they have drawn in their desperate attempt to justify a crime. Although the human suffering they generate doesn’t matter to them, because after all… what’s one more stripe on the skin of a tiger?

(*) Additional information via my cellphone +5358200251, land line 362086 (Artemisa) or through Alfredo Felipe Valdés, spokesperson in the case, exiled in Málaga, España, (Cellphone: 627222638). I will keep reporting through Twitter (DrJVega).

March 26 2012


Hunger Strike, 18 Days. What More Do They Want to Demonstrate?

It became clear that they are more macho and virile than the rest of the Cubans, including me of course, having the most legendary and robust genitalia, the most powerful testosterone  and you don’t play with them, the most alpha males of this story. None of this is discussed, more than 50 years should be enough to make things clear, but then what else they want to show? If I’m just asking to get my job back, what dark complex is hidden behind the facade of supermale? What prevents them from humbly acknowledging that it was all a mistake?

They have before them, now, someone willing to die and they can avoid it all with a signature that is stamped in two seconds; between my work and I, I am convinced, stand only stubbornness and pride.

Note: This post was loaded on 19 March 2012

March 23 2012

Hunger Strike 16 Days. Who did they bar from practicing medicine in 2006?

Today they are saying I’m heartless, that there was no merit in my past, everything in me was bullshit. They will try to discredit even my shadow, they will say that I am only a little guy who misled his colleagues and they will insist on clinging to the lie castaways cling to a board.

With the accusing finger, as usual, they will point the renegade is now rubbing shoulders with incendiary dissidents and bloggers, but it was precisely they who brought me to meet Yoani and Reinaldo, Orlando Luis, Augustine, Joisy, Laritza, Miriam, Vallin, Dagoberto and others who didn’t even know I existed then, and it was through them that I looked into this world of the irreverent and rebellious who take on  all risks of living with their truths in a country that only rewards laziness and lies; the accusers were the ones, and no one else, who brought me to open Citizen Zero.

Words of the judgment that the defense is allowed, and now I just reached into my heart to remind them that it was precisely they who forced me to take the first step. They know that the young man who, in 2005, went to his minister, and had bled for everything I thought since I learned to babble barely the names of the bearded ones.

Now I am the antichrist, but although they conceal it, they know that before that fateful May when Fidel announced publicly that we deserved only a “salary increase” of less than $ 2 a month, the Cuban boy had already left much of his health and the best years of his youth – or, and it’s the same, of his life – a member of the leadership of the Federate Students, the Communist Youth, and then in the Communist Party itself; who was chosen in September 1995 to travel to Paris as part of “World Passport” Project Youth Exchange, sponsored by the municipality of Saint Denis; who only by coincidence was not decorated in those years with the Order Julio Antonio Mella, for which I was a candidate for the same Guanajay where today I languish slowly, where the paraffin to maintain life is silently consumed to keep alive, up to the last moment, the dignity of the flame.

So, when they unleash the pack just ask these questions: who did they bar from practicing medicine 5 years ago: the irreducible Citizen Zero who speaks from Cuban Voices, of the Communist militant who wanted to be consistent and sincere? In this story what was the cause and what the effect? Who threw the first stone? Seeking these answers, I have no doubt, all fingers point toward Havana.

Note: This post was written Monday, March 19, 2012.

March 21 2012

Hunger Strike: First Report

Doctor without work on Hunger Strike since March 5

For reasons beyond my control I could not access the Internet today and send these words to Citizen Zero through my wife. During the first week of my hunger strike I stayed for most of the time in Marti Park in Guanajay, located in front of the community clinic in this town, which was the last place I worked until October 2006. During those days I moved between this park and the Central Park, opposite the Catholic Church – separated by about 100 yards – as needed to shelter from the sun or drink water.

During the first three days I received the usual visits, which never fail, from various officials of State Security to dissuade me from my purpose, to make sure that this method does not accomplish anything and  to not allow public places to be used for this type of position.

After a couple of polite conversations I have made it clear that I will only retire from these places under arrest by them, and I am willing to go all the way. My answer seems to have been vehement, because since then I’ve only known of their presence through the old farts and no account snitches standing in the sun in their classic observation posts.

On Thursday, March 8, I went to Havana to Antonio Rodiles’ house in Playa, where we recorded an interview for Estado de SATS that we had previously agreed on, and since my return I haven’t left Guanajay.

By Monday 12 March, I was feeling the rigor of my first week of the hunger strike and couldn’t give myself the luxury of continuing to walk from one park to the other, so I decided to settle in the garden of the Catholic Church in Guanajay, with the consent of the pastor, my very dear Father Carreró, who did not object, and so during the afternoon of that day I established my camp on this site, by whose gate hundreds of Guanajay residents have passed, most of them showing their strong support.

That night, after Father Carreró received a call from the Central Committee, from Bishop Serpa of the Diocese of Pinar del Rio, I decided to move to the entry of the Escolapias religious order, located in Guanajay Central Park itself, 50 yards from the Catholic Church and there I have remained to today.

On the afternoon of Friday, March 16, on the 11th day of my hunger strike, I received a second visit from the troops of Cuban Voices: Yoani Sanchez, Reinaldo Escobar, Augustine and Orlando Luis Pardo who had been here on Wednesday the 7th and who returned out of concern for the progress of this matter. Joisy García also interviewed me during the first week and published a very objective review on his site.

And so today I complete my second full week of hunger strike. To sustain myself I am taking only water and some pediatric re-hydration salts. I stand firm to this day in my demands and the Ministry of Public Health pretends not to notice, until now keeping an absolute silence regarding the case and my strike.

I’m still in good health, although I am beginning to feel a more or less marked, but constant, decline and I have lost over 20 pounds (on Monday, March 5th, I weighed about 152 pounds).

Since State Security officials are insinuating that I could be being fed by the Escolapias sisters, I have not gone inside and remain permanently at the entrance for all to see.

From here I demand that the Cuban Government and the Ministry of Health take action on this case and allow us to practice our profession. Now they can only choose between this or letting me die.

Any information can be sent to my cell phone: +5358200251; home phone 362 086 (Artemis) or through Alfredo Felipe Valdes, in exile in Malaga, Spain (phone 627222638). I will continue to inform via Twitter (DrJVega).

March 19 2012

The Ex-Militant Requests the Floor

The First National Conference of the Communist Party of Cuba, recently held on January 28th and 29th, left a permanent bittersweet taste. First Secretary Raul Castro said that one of its objectives was to, “promote greater democracy in our society, starting with an example within the ranks of the Party.” In this light, any person outside of the harsh reality that we Cubans live — not the virtual mysticism preached by the ruling party — could sigh hopefully. But millions on the island, hardened by the repetition of phrases like these, we claim the benefit of the doubt.

In my capacity as an ex-militant of that party, of which I was a member for 10 years until I was expelled in 2005 – without ever having committed any act of corruption, crime or treason, but only by this story that ended in the creation of this blog “Ciudadano Cero” (Citizen Zero) in Voces Cubanas — I ask to speak.

I think that if the Communist Party wants to be minimally tolerant in relation to society, it should begin to be so in relation to its own members. An anecdote to illustrate it will suffice: In mid 1999, I had the silly idea to ask, in my heart, how the recently issued Resolution 54, of the Ministry of Public Health, would be implemented in light of the Cuba-US migration agreements in place since 1994, after the Rafter Crisis, to prevent a worker who received a U.S. visa from leaving the country, perhaps for years, would not that contradict the letter of these agreements?

Well, this “mischief” cost this Cuban boy a year of tense meetings with officials of the Municipal Committees and Provincial Party to penalize me for trying “….to question the decisions made at the central level.” I did not back off, but such fuss over a simple little question – not even made public, but kept within the party – and eventually I opened my eyes to a reality: someone who uses his own judgement and he leaves, with his music, headed elsewhere, in the Communist Party of Cuba they do not join to think, but to obey orders without restrictions, without questions, but rather obey orders unrestricted, divine, unquestionable, dictates from the higher-ups who only listen when people applaud and never when they ask questions.

Then he concludes, if this mechanical operation of party members persists, in the face of such a psychology, would one expect a different attitude toward the rest of the people?

When reading in Raul Castro’s closing speech in the newspaper Granma, from the headlines and leads it is obviously an antagonistic contradiction: The party states the need to “…promote greater democracy…” yet refuses so resoundingly to officially recognise differing political positions.

“Ending the principle of a single party would be….to legalise the party or parties of imperialism on our native land…”. Most clearly, impossible: the question remains are you with me or against me!

Such an approach still admits the possibility that Cubans have different opinions, genuine patriots willing to safeguard the independence of their country. Thus the emphasis is on Fidel’s classic syllogism of leader-Revolution-nation, in which there is only one way to be a consistent patriot: by being an ardent admirer of the Revolutionary leader and obeying even his most absurd decisions.

In a discourse that emphasizes analogies historically used by the Cuban government to demonise various political schemes (plurality = demagoguery = commercial exploitation of politics = appeasement to the U.S.), our President criticizes “…the validity and usefulness of  so-called representative democracy…” because “…has become invariably the concentration of power in the class that holds the economic hegemony…” and he says it as if in Cuba, even with specific nuances, the same thing didn’t happen.

Too often our people witness that the most notorious corrupt – Raul recognizes it – are the ardent activists who for decades maintained their status of stratospheric life before the impassive gaze of the Party and government authorities. If this is known, despite a press censorship comparable only, perhaps, to the one that governs North Korea, it is easy to imagine what would happen if in our own in a fit of ethics, difficult to conceive, unwrapped  Pandora’s box. For all this we were married to the lie and they forced us to live with her.

I remain stunned by Raul Castro when he asked the party “…to foster a climate of maximum trust and the conditions….for the most comprehensive and frank exchange of views, both within the organization, its links with the workers and the population, encouraging disagreements to be taken with ease and respect, including the mass media… to be involved with the strictest accountability and accuracy in this endeavour… with proven objectively and without unnecessary secrecy.

It turns out that over the last year and a half, I myself have gotten to Raul Castro four letters which clearly expounds our case, Raul himself here speaking completely ignores them and likewise it did reach the main Cuban periodicals without their ever having the courage to publish them.

Although my astonishment increased when I hear the President ensure: “You have to get used to telling us all the truths from the front, looking into his eyes, disagree and argue…when we consider that we are in the right…” however, finally awakened when displayed in fact, stating that everything will be “…of course, in the right place at the right time and in the right way…

This blog is run by someone who dared to disagree and that is why he was expelled from the party, lost his specialty, Medicine, and was then barred from practicing his profession. It is a curious way of understanding the right to dissent and of “naturally and respectfully accepting differences“! In fact, I would advise the First Secretary a little “caution” when talking, for example, about the danger the corrupt assume, that it not end with he himself expelled from the Party for challenging them, as recently happened to Professor Esteban Morales.

But where this speech is worthy of “coven” award for the great Creole humor it distills, it is the point at which the First Secretary assures us “...that in the Party there must be a definitive end to the top down control — the ’boss-ism’ — its force is moral, not legal… it is the moral force!

To listen to this in a country where the Communist Party arranges and controls everything – even the prosecution, forgive the repetition – is hilarious. It is no secret that while the Party says in public that it does not govern, not manage, and that its function is to “guide” that “…it demands all those responsible fulfill their, without interfering in the administration…” – I do not see how it is possible to do one thing without the other – however, the reality is that nothing of political or administrative importance is approved without the consent of the Communist Party, its leaders have unlimited powers, the Party gives and takes, according to its interest, officials from all levels of government, appointed and replaced at leisure managers, company directors, provincial directors, ministers, generals, trade union leaders and mass organizations, and it arranges which “NGOs” will be approved and which will have his profile.

It promotes and fires deputies of all levels, presidents of municipal and provincial assemblies of the Popular Power, in the end, it is the manager of the totality of life of this country without any type of limitation, with an attentive eye on these civil servants to be thrown out the window for minor slides.

In this way, the Cuban government – of which all the high officials are, incidentally, communist militants – reaches the audacity to proclaim to the four winds, when you want to question the Cuban electoral system, that it is not the Communist Party that postulates, that what happens “in theory”is  for one simple reason: it doesn’t need it, because it is the lord and master of this country. If the party frowns; ministers, deputy ministers, colonels and generals grow pale. But if the party raises its voice and gives them a swipe, they defecate their pants.

So why shouldn’t we recognize that the party actually nominates them all?

In the end, this speech holds in abeyance some basic questions: Would the Cuban government dare to officially recognize the political opposition now that the Party says it is willing to “promote democracy”? Deciding to limit the stay in government positions to two terms of five years – after spending more than 50 years in it themselves – are they finally convinced that power intoxicates when exercised for too long?

Also in this speech – like those Fidel Castro used to make – starting from the atrocities perpetrated by the imperialist blocs, he tries to legitimize atrocities committed by our government against its own people, as if the one justifies the other. Yes, the world is screwed up, but in this little rock that suffers under the Caribbean sky, the civil rights of 11 million Cubans are finally slaughtered with the permission of the Communist Party.

Translated by: Hank Hardisty

February 26 2012

Letter to Raúl Castro Ruz

Artemis, January 28, 2012.
“Year 54 of the Revolution”

To: Raul Castro Ruz
President of the Councils of State and Ministers
First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba

Mr. President:

At age 35, the person who is writing to you dedicated his youth and the highest part of himself to the Revolution. I had heard from Fidel and you that we should seal an unconditional commitment to the truth regardless of consequences; it was a question, we were told, of putting the truth above all. That student writing you was at his door in the early morning, on the Sundays in the micro at the foot of the foundations, in the campaigns in agriculture, in the youth marches in Havana; that young man who didn’t hesitate to surrender when he believed it necessary, who when he graduated started to receive less than two dollars a month salary and never faltered.

But years passed and we came to May 2005; then Fidel announced that there would be an “increase” of $ 48.00 pesos (less than two dollars) in our monthly salary as doctors, which was perceived as disrespectful by most of our workers. Since I have the precept to do at all times that which is right and proper, I thought it ethical at that point to convey to our minister the opinions generated by that decision among my colleagues. The story that followed I will not repeat it because you should know from the first of three letters I have sent you that remain, today, unanswered.

This is where I ask, with all due respect, President: how is the serious fact of permanently barring two doctors from practicing medicine for more than five years for having sent that to that minister, consistent with your discourse about our right to express ourselves freely? Are we perhaps vulnerable to the law when together, as a group of workers, we address the ministry to which we belong? What relationship did this teaching have with my deserving an arbitrary separation from my Internal Medicine Residency? Is it immoral to aspire to live honestly on wage emanating from my effort? Is there anything established in our Penal Code that says the exercise of discretion as a crime? Is it not, however, illegal for political and administrative officials to threaten and coerce two workers, even in the middle of their workday? Is it not illegal and immoral to lie and alter documents to legitimize this outrage against us, applying also a Ministerial Resolution attesting that there were harmful events involving a patient that never happened? Is it not a colossal atrocity that the Chief of the National Union of Health has personally conducted these shocking meetings to expel from the NHS two of its own members for having addressed their minister?

You will notice that among the arbitrariness I do not mention my expulsion from the Communist Party because I believe that this is the only point that can not be disputed. As the party is a political entity no one questions its right to deprive someone of their membership if it considers that he broke from the line; I only consider it questionable whether the expulsion was applied instead of the separation – terms conceptually distinct – when I committed no  immorality not incurred any act of treason, because there is no treason, but on the contrary, in speaking honestly. But this decision, obviously partisan, to suspend my Residency in Internal Medicine and then impose an administrative penalty – indeed, the most extreme – goes an enormous distance. I just hope no one offends my intelligence by ensuring that the Party had nothing to do, it was all determined at the union level – as that would be the great atrocity – and decided in the leadership of MINSAP, when it is a discounting of reality that all was what the party ordered from the highest level, then occupied by Fidel Castro.

Today I do not intend to question the sincerity of your promises to implement the major changes that we Cubans urgently need under your rule, as this is something that will be confirmed or denied inexorably through time and, therefore, is beyond the scope of the present and even my personal potential. It will not be I, but History, who judges it. But yes, it is clear that one cannot speak of freedom consistent with outrages like this, that sincerity is not asked a people while it is gripped with the fear of such abuses, as there can be no democracy where the free exercise of discretion is punishable, that it is not consistent to speak of ending impunity it the untouchables committing such abuses of power are protected; it is not possible in a State of Laws that someone is punished brutally for something they did with the full support of the Attorney General; in short, one cannot claim justice when one knows of abuse and permits it, and even less when the power to redeem it is in their hands.

Mr. President: you can repair in part the outrage on our dignity. I say only in part, because there will always be a dose of human and family suffering that no one can erase after an experience so disturbing, because even going back to work today, how can we get back five years away from the profession we love? How to erase the memory of those dark days in which we are judged publicly for something we didn’t do? Who will pay for such brutality, for the defamation, for so much unpunished despotism? You have the power to end today this injustice and from the moment you know it and, having the power to do this, do nothing, you also assume some responsibility in this barbarism.

Unable to live on the margins of my time, what I was yesterday, I was for Fidel and for you, as I am today, and as I will be tomorrow. As the rest of my generation, in no small measure you shaped in me – is not something hidden – concepts that today, however, I am seriously rethinking also thanks to you. I was always consistent with the faith that moved me at all times, but when I tried to be so in regard to this truth, I was not allowed to be. Personally I regret how incisive and harsh these words are, and yet, despite everything, I keep my heart safe from hate, but I can not simulate and say what I think; believe me, the reality was always more painful than any words. It was not me who lied, it was not me who simulated, it was not me who altered the truth and swindled the workers to get out of the difficulty; among those infamous who did lie the traitors will have to be sought. They fear the fugitives from the truth, I am only an honest man and I live at peace with myself.

Thank you for your attention:

Dr. Jeovany Gimenez Vega.
Specialist 1st. degree in General Medicine.
Resident 3rd. year in Internal Medicine.

February 28 2012

Letter to Pope Benedict XVI

Artemisa, 20 February 2012

To His Holiness Benedict XVI:

Like most Cubans, I greatly rejoice in your announced visit to our country, which will undoubtedly be welcome. You come to a country living in the most complex moment in its history. When you come, certainly, our authorities will show, among others, the achievements of our Public Health and will ensure that this is a proof of the Cuban government caring for its people.

So you must know, Your Holiness, that there is a part of the story that will be hidden from You and from the world: the desperate economic situation, bordering on poverty, which forces us to live the artifices of the miracle. But the most degrading facet of the case – still more grave, if you will, than the fact itself – is that our government does not admit questioning and punishes, inexorably, anyone who dares to criticize the poverty in which it forces us to live.

I write you as a Cuban doctor who graduated in 1994, barred from the practice of medicine in my country indefinitely, since October 2006, along with my colleague Dr. Rodolfo Martinez Vigoa. As unlikely it seems, we never put at risk the health or life of any patient, nor did we  violate work discipline and we never failed in our Code of Medical Ethics. To be deprived of the exercise of our profession it was enough that we channeled, to the then Minister Public Health, the opinions of 300 healthcare professionals regarding a disrespectful wage increase realized in mid-2005 under the government of Fidel Castro.

Your Holiness: Although our government assures us that their differences with the Church are of the past, that we live in different times and that they themselves have changed, however, the intolerance they created during the 60’s with the infamous UMAP forced labor camps — in which tens of thousands of believers were also incarcerated — was exactly the same as that which 40 years later disqualified us to speak to that minister, hence we denounce that smile that they will show you today as nothing more than pure simulation.

When our authorities talk about the laudable health indicators, Your Holiness; when they comment on successful organ transplants; when they show advances in genetic engineering and biotechnology applications in medicine and speak about the medical missions supported by the Cuban government in more than 70 countries, they will not say, however, this miracle was achieved thanks to an army of professions who receive the miserable monthly salary of $25.00 U.S., even though the medical services provided in foreign countries — which have become the first line export of this country — generate at least eight billion dollars a year.

Nor will they tell you that healthcare workers are forcibly retained for five years by our ministry if we want to travel abroad and that we are defenseless against the most outrageous abuses, that we do not have a guild nor effective union representation, given that the powers-that-be, in exchange for our admirable work, show us a complete lack of attention.

The proverbial injustice that motivates this letter – reported in my blog “Citizen Zero”, which is found on the portal “Cuban Voices” – was committed with the consent of all the central institutions of our country; this includes the Attorney General of the Republic, the Party Central Committee, the President of the Parliament, the Council of State – including four letters to President Raul Castro and two to Vice President Jose Ramon Machado Ventura – and of course, the Ministry of Public Health, to which we turned 20 times with no response.

About 80 documents sent over five years – including two serious attempts at hunger strike – illustrate the insensitivity of the Cuban authorities to the problems of their people. In addition, Your Holiness, as part of our effort, since October 2010 we went to the Archbishop of Havana,  through documents sent to His Eminence Cardinal Jaime Ortega, where we ask, in virtue of the role played by the Catholic Church as mediator recent political events, it to intercede for our case to the Cuban Government so that this injustice can be amended.

Your Holiness: The government that now receives You, which claims to be respectful of Human Rights and does not hesitate to display doctors as a trophy, is the same one that deliberately keeps is in poverty, while perpetrating a villainy as this. The case that I outline here, transcends mere personal interest and is highly illustrative of how an intolerant government is projected to its people.

This affront to human dignity, which has remained unpunished for more than five years, definitely belies the apertures that the Cuban Government boasts of today. For all this, Holy Father, with all humility, I ask You and thank You in advance to intercede with our authorities to restore to us our profession that was usurped. Today I am writing to you as the head of the Catholic Church and as the man in Jesus Christ in whom we are compelled to feel in our own cheek the outrage committed against the cheek of any man.

With all respect, thank You for Your attention,

Jeovany Gimenez Vega
Calle 54 # 2914. Artemisa.
Provincia Artemisa. Cuba.

March 6 2012

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